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Real-time, streaming systems are the future of Enterprise Development. We build the tools that accelerate engineers and organizations working with streaming technology.

Our Mission

At Factor House we believe that Apache Kafka and Apache Flink are transformative technologies and that every engineer should have access to tooling that makes working with distributed systems a joy.

Our mission is to make tools that empower engineers to operate with confidence in the real-time, streaming compute space. We aim to help make the future of enterprise software development a productive place.

The Factor House Story

Founded by Derek Troy-West, CEO, and Kylie Troy-West, COO, in 2019, founding Engineer Tom Crowley joined the Factor House team in 2020.

Our solutions leverage learnings from a decade of building systems with Apache Kafka, Apache Cassandra, and Apache Storm, and several decades of experience delivering data platforms in the global banking, insurance, and fintech sectors.

We love working with the engineers who use our products and the wider tech community through meetups, conferences, and open-source.

The Factor House team in MelbourneThe Factor House team in Melbourne