API data

Introducing Kpow's new API

Kpow For Apache Kafka Connector Auto-Restart

Release 93.2: Introducing Connector Auto-Restart

Kpow For Apache Kafka OpenAPI 3.1 Rest API

Release 93.1: Kpow OpenAPI 3.1 Kafka API

Kpow For Apache WCAG 2.1 AA Compliance

Release 92.4: Kpow WCAG 2.1 AA Accessibility Compliance

Kpow For Apache Kafka Topic UI Accessibility Report

Release 92.3: Accessibility

Kpow For Apache Kafka Broker UI

Release 92.2: Quotas, Transactional Producers, and KRaft

Kpow For Apache Kafka Multi-Topic Create UI

Release 92.1: Multi-Topic Create and Time Since URP

Kpow Updated Overview UI

Release 91.5: Expand and Explore

Release 91.4: Graviton Support

Release 91.3: Schema Configurability

Kpow ksqlDB UI

Release 91.1: ksqlDB UI and Broker Disk Telemetry

Kpow Bulk Action UI

Release 90.4: Bulk Actions, Performance Tuning, and Community Enhancements

Kpow Confluent Managed Connect UI

Release 90.1: New UI, New Features, and Kpow Community

Release 89.1: Search Speed and Managed Connect

Kpow for Apache Kafka Orphan Schema UI

Release 88.6: AWS Glue Protobuf Support

Kpow for Apache Kafka Confluent CLoud API Integration

Release 88.5: Confluent Cloud Metrics API

Release 88.4: Security, Performance and Resizable Columns

Kpow for Apache Kafka Flink Consumer UI

Release 88.2: Flink Consumers and Encrypted Configuration

Release 88.1: A New Release Model

Release 88: Message Header Production and Protobuf Improvements

Release 84: AWS Glue Schema Registry

Kpow for Apache Kafka Data Inspect UI

Release 83: Bulk Import, Multi-Produce, kJQ Search

Kpow for Apache Kafka Select Tenant UI

Release 81: Multi-Tenancy, Streaming Search, and Confluent Metrics

Kpow for Apache Kafka Topic Regex Search

Release 80: Kafka Streams, Topic Regex Search, Freshness Metrics

Kpow for Apache Kafka Admin UI

Release 79: Kpow Admin – Staged Mutations and Temporary Policies

Kpow ACL Management UI

Release 74: Kafka ACL Management and JSON Schema Support

Klang in the kREPL Video

Release 65: Klang in the kREPL

Kpow for Apache Kafka LDAP UI

Release 60: Kpow, LDAP, JAAS, and Compute

Release 47: RBAC, SAML SSO, and HTTPS

Release 44: Prometheus Integration

Kpow Kafka Configuration UI

Release 41: Broker and Topic Configuration

Release 40: Kafka Dashboard Refresh